About This Class

In this drawing class, we'll explore the world of vectors. You'll learn the basics of shape, pen, and pencil tools. We'll also cover how to create smooth curves from shapes and transform ordinary shapes into unique designs.

Now, let's talk about the pen tool, which often confuses people. Don't worry! I'll guide you through each step and demystify its secrets. You'll discover how to adjust nodes easily, manipulate handles independently, change directions effortlessly, and create beautifully curved lines.

Next, let's add some artistry! Have you ever wanted to create delicate petals on a flower? I'll show you the magic of pressure settings on strokes, which bring life and realism to your artwork. Together, we'll create a stunning flower with double layers that will impress everyone. Throughout the class, I'll encourage you to choose the fastest and most efficient tools and techniques.

But that's not all! We'll take customization to the next level by expanding paths and unlocking infinite possibilities. To ensure your success, I'll teach you how to create a pixel sketch as a helpful guide, allowing your creativity to flourish. And of course, we'll refine those petals, paying attention to every detail.

Just when you thought you couldn't learn more, we'll expand your skillset even further. We'll give the flower you've crafted a gorgeous ruffled edge, making it a truly unforgettable and unique piece. Get ready to impress as we broaden your artistic repertoire and create another captivating design. We'll also add stems and create lovely leaf shapes using the teardrop tool. Adding details to the leaves will finalize this additional asset we can include in our gallery.

Join me in this practical class to become more comfortable with the use and power of vectors!

In this class I’ll walk you through:

  • Using the pen and pencil tools in Affinity Designer for drawing assets.
  • Creating initial flowers and leaves using shapes that can be further developed.
  • Exploring various methods to efficiently create different assets.

The key concepts I will include:

  • Expanding shapes and strokes so that they can be easily modified.
  • How to adjust curves and change node "direction" when drawing shapes
  • Learn techniques for creating multiple assets based on initial shapes.

Learning to use all the vector drawing tools is essential in furthering your comfort in using the Affinity Designer software. New skillsets help you grow!

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