About This Class

As I was editing this class, I could hear the excitement in my own voice. That elation stemmed from discovering a profound secret! Now, I realize it's not entirely true, considering my prior experience with stroke profiles. In the past, when I exclusively used Adobe Illustrator, I tried similar techniques. I created a class where I sketched numerous cacti, utilizing many of the same methods I employ today. However, the thrilling element lies in unraveling how to accomplish these tasks in my preferred software, Affinity Designer. 

This new class, Stroke Profile Adjustments in Affinity Designer, will unveil the some remarkable concepts for quickly crafting floral patterns. I mainly utilize stroke profile adjustments to create leaves and petals. The beauty of this technique lies in its efficiency for quickly generating an entire leafy stem or a cluster of petals. Also, I use the techniques to form decorative lines reminiscent of vintage patterns. But that's not all! I also use a stroke technique to really quickly add dimension to patterns. It's truly incredible.

The artwork we'll create is entirely editable. I'll guide you through the entire design process of my completed pattern, Paris Breezes. I also incorporate various textures, and I include that step in this class.

In this class, I'll guide you on:

  • utilizing the strokes palette to intricately modify your lines
  • tips for composing with leaves
  • approaches for creating petals using stroke profiles and adjusting them
  • utilizing Boolean operations to merge parts into a single curve
  • adding texture and employing clipping masks for intricate details
  • techniques for maintaining full editability of the art for future adjustments and recoloring 

Do you have an interest in learning something extraordinary? Are you curious about how you can apply these techniques to your own pattern making? Are you eager to master the ins and outs of crafting intricate floral patterns?

The key concepts I will include:

  • an overview of my pattern-making processes
  • exploration of composition strategies to create captivating layouts
  • approaches to make drawing much easier using stroke profiles

Discovering new techniques in Affinity Designer will provide you with a challenging yet rewarding skill set. The stroke profile adjustments present so many exciting possibilities. I'm excited to witness your creativity with this technique

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