About This Class

Uncover the joy of using our complimentary class and brush set as you create your own stunning seasonal artwork.

Seasonal artwork is in high demand, offering a lucrative avenue for artistic expression. Christmas greeting card sales reach billions annually, demonstrating the vast market potential for artists. By leveraging card templates from the Christmas Joy class and skills gained, you expand your range of available cards for sale.

As an aspiring artist, you can capitalize on this sales trend by participating in complimentary classes such as the Christmas Joy class and use brush sets to craft your seasonal artwork efficiently.

Get ahead for next year! it can't hurt!

These classes empower you as a hopeful artists to earn extra income by broadening your range of available cards for sale, tapping into the profitable market for seasonal artwork. Various resources and additional brush options are available to enhance your creative work. Consider joining the school because if you get your name on the waitlist for our opening this Christmas, you get access to 12 sets of assets in our "12 Perks of Christmas" giveaway.

In this class, and utilizing brushes from the Christmas Joy Class as well, like the card templates, you will be enabled to create exclusive designs with features such as layering, rotation, duplication, and flipping.

In just 20 minutes, you can see how infusing painterly details will give your work a meticulously hand-painted appearance. The you can spend hours crafting your own unique vision.

Delve into additional free brush options with our Artist Resources or consider acquiring the complete Christmas Set to access the majority of the showcased brushes.

Check the free classes for the recent release of Christmas Joy 2 Free Class, now open to everyone. Explore the last year's class, Christmas Joy Class 1, published in 2022 for additional resources.

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You will receive all 12 gifts of assets through our “12 Perks of Christmas” giveaway.

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The Curriculum

  One lesson only - duration approx 20 minutes
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Check out this class if you are looking to create more seasonal art

Let's bring your imagination to life as we create seasonal artwork exploring Christmas tree decorations. Imagine designing the perfect bauble filled with memories and nostalgia. In this class, I'll guide you through creating sale-worthy artwork with a captivating background using curated brushes, adding layers, and intricate details to make your bauble spectacular.