About this Class:

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in this class. This class will focus on creating patterns with reflected elements using the template we created in the Flip Flop Techniques for Intricate Pattern Design Using Live Transformations class. In that class, we created a live transformation template which works much like the Pattern Maker tool in Illustrator, but with the added bonus of the ability to reflect parts. In this class, I assume you have some knowledge of pattern-making, have completed the template, and want to learn additional techniques. We will be talking about both the design and technical aspects of reflected repeats and we will experiment with structures and layout techniques that help add depth and interest to our designs. Throughout, I’ll be demonstrating use of the Appearance Panel, and effects using transformation and live transformation, and much more. This class is based in Adobe Illustrator, but many of the concepts could be applied to Affinity Designer or Procreate.

As you know, I personally consider the Appearance Panel to be one of the most important features of this Illustrator. In this course, I also reinforce many other key concepts include brushes, and much work around creating a repeating pattern tile.

And, of course, the Transform Effect! This effect is a dynamic effect whose main result is to create patterns of content that can be easily manipulated, allowing you to make adjustments to the original object or group of objects. In the previous class, I showed you how to create half-drop repeats, as well as the initial grid pattern. The Transform Effect is incredibly powerful, especially when combined with a clipping mask. Knowing transformation is knowing a lot - it gives you power you may have never even considered. In this class, Flip Flop Techniques for Intricate Pattern Design Using Live Transformations, you will learn the amazing power of the Transformation Effect in Illustrator by producing a template. 

I will show you how to use the template to produce multiple variations of repeat designs including modified s-curve, ogee and quatrefoil patterns. I guarantee these skills will help you produce a gorgeous motif by the time you are done! We will be using reflect and rotate effects, but what you learn can easily be transferred to other functions.

Take this next hour or so to work your way through and you will have a myriad of new ideas by the time we are done! I even impressed myself, lol.

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