About this Class:

Illustrator has plenty of tools, panels, and commands that make our work much easier. Among them, however, there are several outstanding ones that I personally consider the most important features of this program. They include brushes, the Appearance panel, Effects, and, of course, transformation.

The Transform Effect in Adobe Illustrator lets you move, scale, flip, rotate and repeat the appearance of one or more selected objects, and all of this is editable in the Appearance Panel. Using transformation(s), you can create patterns with paths, brush strokes, text or even imported images, which I will explain in this class. Then you can edit the whole pattern by making adjustments to the original. You’ll be surprised by the power of this indispensable tool!

So, the Transform Effect: what is it? The Transform Effect is a dynamic effect whose main result is to create patterns of content that can be easily manipulated, allowing you to make adjustments to the original object or group of objects. This is incredibly powerful, especially when combined with a clipping mask. Knowing transformation is knowing a lot - it gives you power you may have never even considered. In this class, Secrets of Live Transformations - Create a Mandala, you will learn the amazing power of the Transformation Effect in Illustrator by producing a template. This template can be saved and used over and over to produce radial repeat designs, valuable in pattern design and illustration. I will show you by using a mandala as an example, so you will have a gorgeous motif by the time you are done! We will be using reflect and rotate effects, but what you learn can easily be transferred to other functions.

You will not believe your eyes! Get started now and you could be done today. You won't be able to sleep tonight knowing all of the amazing things you can do with 

Concepts covered:

Concepts covered include but are not limited to Illustrator template, transform effects, clipping masks, rotation and reflection effects, mockups, expanding shapes and lines, adding points, subtracting points, making Illustrator brushes, importing brush libraries, layering brush strokes, templates in illustrator, live transformations, coloring book motif ideas.

You will get the bonus of…

  • Around an hour of direction from an instructor who has been in the graphic design business and education for over 40 years
  • knowledge of multiple ways to solve each design challenge
  • handouts explaining key concepts
  • a list of helpful online sites to further your education into surface pattern design.

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