About this Class:

We have all become accustomed to Adobe updating it apps and introducing new features. I am one of those people who likes to try out these new features right away! Sometimes, my reaction is, well, meh. But this particular set of new functions has me blown away and I am over-the-top excited about the possibilities. What I once spent much more time doing, I can now do in a split-second. Not only that, I have much more control to make intuitive changes within the repeats and reflection options this new set of tools offers. I have developed this quick new class, Split Second Repeats and Reflections in Illustrator 25 so that I can share all of these exciting new features that will have you working more effectively and efficiently in producing reflected repeats, radial repeats and adjustable grids which include reflections! Confused? You won’t be after you complete this quick class. It is worth every minute you spend watching it!

I’ll also show you my step by step process, from planning a traditional Russian Gzhel pattern, to creating a repeat with imbedded reflections, and to finally applying all that into another repeat. Don’t worry! It’s easy so even if you are a beginner, you should be able to easily create the example projects that I review.

This class will focus on creating patterns with the three new tools in the Repeat section of the Object drop-down menu. Adobe snuck those in and you could have easily missed it, if you didn’t know where to look. What is so cool about these new functions is that you can make changes in a LIVE way, even in the reflections! You will see what is happening with your motifs everywhere in the repeat as work with the initial imbedded reflection. In class, we’ll talk about both design and technical aspects of reflected repeats. 

The key concepts I will include:

• review of my techniques in creating the initial reflection

• how to imbed one pattern method within another pattern

• adjustments to each of the three types of repeats: radial, grid and reflections

• approaches you can take in your creative work

This is a great course for you to take no matter what your purpose for the pattern you create. Start now, so you can be benefitting from your knowledge immediately in your art practice! 

Are you primed to create intricate designs using these new, split-second tools? That’s completely achievable once you have completed this course with me today! Let’s not waste any more time! Let’s get right to it!

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