About this Class

In this class Super Quick Coordinate Patterns, you will be guided step-by-step through the process of finding very different techniques for creating coordinate/blender and secondary patterns for a collection. The concept is this: you’re more likely to sell multiple patterns to a client if you present them uniformly in a collection. A mini collection typically consists of a hero, a secondary, and a coordinate or blender print, so we will focus on these. You will find a lot of value from including coordinates alongside hero patterns and illustrations in your portfolio.

This course will arm you with all the knowledge necessary for rounding out a single hero pattern design to be a fully-fledged collection. I teach you the development of your collection and guide you step-by-step in the process and techniques for designing the secondary and blender prints.

This pattern making skillset is an ideal competence if you are fabric designer, illustrator or surface pattern designer on a mission to have a self-sustaining business. Many insights about designing a collection will be shared and hopefully they can inspire you to take a look at your current pattern designs and have you planning many different collections in the future.

Key concepts will include:

Designing in collections, surface pattern design collections, hero prints, coordinate prints, secondary and blender prints, motif design, theme in pattern design, consideration of color in pattern design, Illustrator pattern making, asset export, working with mockups and finally, creating a Sell Sheet.

What you can expect:

In this class, we will go through specific concepts in 10 lessons that cover...

  • The process for creating some quick co-ordinate/secondary and blender prints
  • How to develop a complete collection
  • What factors go into the scale, complexity and contrast choices for your collection
  • How to keep the theme and style consistent in your collection
  • How to test your pattern collection
  • How to work with mockups
  • How to create sell sheets (a Photoshop version with smart-objects)

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