About this class

Comfort can never be taken for granted. The weather was cool and damp when I decided to make this project, and every time I looked at the artwork it cheered me up and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside! Who doesn’t love hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies! Producing an illustration like this helps you to learn how to observe your subject keenly and work with reference. I try to guide you through all of that as we work our way through, starting with the cup of cocoa. You will gain confidence in using selections, clipping masks and textures.

This new class, Create a Flat Lay Hot Cocoa & Cookies in Procreate, will show you some of my illustration methodology as you follow me step-by-step through the process of creating this flat lay. Of course, I will also give you a bunch of brushes so you can do the complete project. And, I have techniques to help you create this same scene but have it unique to you. That was one of my main goals as I put this class together. I can see many follow up classes in the future to compliment this. 

In this class I’ll walk you through:

  • my step-by-step method for adding shadow and highlight from a birds-eye view 
  • tips for creating an interesting composition from the components we build 
  • my workflow for use of layers and other great features clipping masks for shading and highlights
  • much use of the Gaussian blur for smooth transitions
  • methods for keeping the art fully editable for later adjustments and recoloring 

I know you will be licking your lips when you start looking at this project and you will be able to really put your own slant on it. I provide several patterns you can use for your tablecloth, and you can, of course, use one of your own patterns. I can’t wait to see the diversity that will surely manifest itself!

The key concepts I will include:

·      review of brush making and adjusting as dictated by this document

·      a look highlights and shadows from a bird’s eye perspective

·      approaches you can take to make this design your own

As you develop as an illustrator, you will find that challenging yourself is so satisfying! Learning new Procreate workflows is always desirable. I know you will create something amazing and delicious. Maybe you will think of other props I didn’t!

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