Speed up your pattern design workflow in Affinity Designer on the iPad. With these templates there's no more duplicating of motifs and NO MORE MATH for positioning!

Experience real-time effects of moving just one copy of the motif!

When I first started working with this process, I was immediately thinking ahead to all the possibilities. I have been a long time Adobe Illustrator user, but have also embraced working with Procreate on the iPad. I love the intuitiveness of the drawing process in Procreate and have learned it thoroughly.

I have used it for a multitude of pattern design projects, but there has always been something missing there for me. In the back of my mind there was always the thought "I wish there was a simple way to preview how the repeat looks".

I have always found that the testing process for my patterns was tedious and time consuming. That's because, in software like Adobe Illustrator, I could see the impact of the positioning of an element, in real time. That was not possible to do in Procreate, and secretly, I really missed it!

I have also never found that Illustrator on the iPad was the greatest for pattern design for me. You know I definitely love Affinity Designer for pattern design. I have taught thousands of students how to use it for pattern design, and the use of multiple artboards worked well. But could there be a better method? There was still a lot of math and duplication and other factors to deal with.

Well...I am here to tell you today that I now have an even better method for using Affinity Designer for pattern design. No more artboards and NO MORE MATH! No need to duplicate items and move them into position on the other side of your artboard! This new, revolutionary technique will blow your mind!

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12 Months of Templates!

Each month, on approximately the 15th, I will release a new template with an instructional video. I will be covering all the main pattern repeat types.

These will include:

  • Full Drop
  • Full Drop with Reflection
  • Half Brick
  • Half Drop
  • Half Drop with Reflection
  • Half Drop with Double Reflection
  • Diamond
  • Full Drop Scallop
  • Half Drop with Reflection
  • Ogee

...and more to be announced

I am working with these templates extensively and am uploading patterns to my Spoonflower Shop.

Curious? Find it here.

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