About This Class

Introducing "Dimensional Tropical Fish Illustration in Procreate," a class that not only reinforces your existing Procreate knowledge but also explores new and exciting techniques. This class encourages you to be creative by applying familiar techniques in fresh and innovative ways. Unlock the fun and value of learning as you cultivate your own unique style through exposure to different artists and their techniques.

Discover the joy of experimenting with simple yet powerful tools in Procreate, such as default brushes and special effects like noise functions and blending modes. By mastering clever layering techniques and blending modes, you'll create mesmerizing compositions that suggest depth and the sensation of an underwater world teeming with life. Each technique may be simple, but they entice you to surpass the basics and explore new avenues to enhance your artwork. Prepare to be delighted by the remarkable results you achieve!

In this class I’ll walk you through:

  • A step-by-step method for bringing dimensional underwater creatures to life
  • Tips on incorporating coral, sea plants, and other elements to add depth and interest to your compositions
  • Using layers and features like clipping masks in an efficient workflow
  • Creating smooth gradients with Gaussian Blur and clipping masks
  • The magic of blend modes and layer opacity to achieve seamless blending and a sense of realism

As you have already built a strong foundation in the basics, this class opens up exciting opportunities for creativity and personal style development. Every artist aspires to have a unique look that reflects their signature style, and this exploration will help get you there.

The key concepts I will include:

  • Discovering your own signature style
  • Studying different artists' styles and gaining insights on finding your own
  • Adapting well-learned techniques to develop your individual artistic identity

Even if you're unsure of how you'll apply a specific technique, exploring new methods fosters growth and ingenuity. Stretch your creative muscles and witness the remarkable results that emerge from applying Procreate workflows to unconventional outcomes. Brace yourself for a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience throughout this project. Use your imagination here to add unique elements not covered in class. Check your arsenal of brushes and textures to see how you might incorporate them into a project like this. Get ready for a thriving underwater world that is uniquely yours to explore and create!

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