About This Class

Dive into the world of painting a whimsical and intricate bouquet using Procreate. This course will teach you how to compose a bouquet with flowers and greenery and plenty of vibrant colors and intricate textures. The whole trick is in the layering, and there is plenty of that!

From the initial idea to the final touches, we will explore the transformation of a blank canvas into the bouquet. Paint a Whimsical and Detailed Bouquet in Procreate takes you through this artistic journey. I'll provide you with the brushes I've carefully selected, allowing you to recreate the same looks wherever possible. The goal is to keep it very hand-done and organic looking, as if you are working in an art journal. Oh, and did I mention, there is texture in every step we go through?

This class goes beyond brush techniques and vibrant hues. Together, we'll take a deep dive into creativity, uncovering a wealth of inspiration from other artists to see how they added character to their bouquets. You can borrow ideas from them, as long as you borrow from a few and don’t directly copy anyone. Each flower will receive a unique treatment, sparking fresh ideas and enabling you to add an extra layer of detail while infusing your own personal touch. Prepare to unleash your imagination, learn new techniques, and let your creativity flourish. 

In this class, I will guide you through the following:

· Initial planning with a rough sketch that we clean up

· My step-by-step method for working with digital gouache

· Tips for creating compositions to achieve a layered look

· My workflow for using layers and blending modes

· Exploring different brush settings for various finishes

· Adding interesting details to the flowers

· Techniques for keeping the artwork fully editable for adjustments and recoloring

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The Project

Before we dive into the technical aspects of this project, let's start by drawing inspiration from Pinterest. Spend some time exploring different bouquets, observing the shapes, colors, and arrangements that catch your eye. Once you have a clear idea of the flowers you want to include, it's time to create a rough sketch.

Now that you have a rough sketch in place, it's time to start bringing your bouquet to life. As we go through the lessons, I'll guide you through each step of the process. To keep things organized, I recommend creating a new group for each flower and its clipping masks in your bouquet. This way, you can easily find and adjust specific elements if needed.

As you begin adding colors to your bouquet, it's important to consider the overall cohesiveness of your palette. For your first attempt, try limiting your palette to a few key colors that work well together. This will help you achieve a more harmonious composition. Once you feel confident with the main flowers, you can start adding fillers to add depth and interest to your bouquet. You can experiment with different shapes and colors to find the perfect balance.

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