Hello and welcome to Secret Formula Repeat Plaids and Twills in Photoshop. You will not believe how quick this is; quick and simple. I think this is the shortest class I have produced. In this class you will learn how Tartan or Plaid Patterns originated with ancient clans to represent their tribes. We will talk about the entire history of plaid and when it made it to North America. We’ll look at traditional plaids, and then I will show you that by updating colors and shapes you are able to create modern and trendy new plaids. In this class, you will learn how to create a simple tartan or plaid pattern as well as learning how to create a twill weave that gives your plaid such a tactile quality.

What you can expect…

Creating these patterns is a fun and meditative experience, and once you get the feel for the overlay pattern layers, the possibilities are endless! Plaid patterns make great art statements by themselves, but they can also be used to in collections as a great and simple coordinate.

This class, Secret Formula Repeat Plaids and Twills, will show you some of my pattern design methodology, and ways to use pattern overlays in the layers palette. We will also create a custom color scheme in the first lesson. In the class, I take you from start to finish in creating a full and original plaid pattern with an alternate twill pattern as well. I use this method to be sure the pattern swatch that we’ll be creating is completely editable. One of my goals is to show you how we’ll be able to recolor it once the plaid is complete. I will also show you how to replicate a traditional plaid pattern.

In this class I’ll walk you through:

  • my step-by-step method for making seamless plaid and twill patterns
  • tips for creating compositions for a really varied and appealing plaid
  • my workflow for use of layers and other great features like pattern overlays
  • methods for keeping the swatch fully editable for later adjustments and recoloring 

If you’re an aspiring pattern designer with a good basic knowledge of Photoshop, you’ll be able to go through all the steps. This class will benefit anyone who wishes to simplify creation of seamless plaid patterns with methods to improve efficiency.

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