Ah... gold. The one color that compliments every other color perfectly. I’ve been seeing more and more people incorporate gold into abstract paintings in interior design and really all sorts of art, including greeting cards and lettering layouts. Gold is the finish to add a prestige touch to any design.

I have developed a technique in both Photoshop and Procreate that allows me to apply gold to any part of the artwork I want. In Glitter and Gold Infused Abstract Art in Procreate or Photoshop, the gold accents I infuse into my artworks combine perfectly with so many designs. Gold is just that icing on the cake; that classy touch. Gold just works so well with all colors!

It is simply magnificent that we can create this truly spectacular artwork, and that we can do it increasingly precisely with our digital tools!

In this class, you will learn how to use the Procreate interface, and plan a composition, adding a gold leaf look, adding glitter, clipping masks, gold foil in Procreate, glitter and foil in Photoshop, brushes in Procreate, curves in Procreate, settings in Procreate, Procreate layers, the Procreate gallery, organizing brushes in Procreate, workflow best practices, finding free assets, and much more.

This class is suitable for artists with some knowledge of painting in general, but it will also be good information for beginners. The main focus of this class is creating clipping masks, both in solid black and white, and also in a continuous tone (grayscale), and I will be keeping it as simple as possible for your first go. If you are experienced, I hope you can learn a couple of alternative methods from me and perhaps a new approach. The key concepts I will include:

·       review of my techniques in creating the initial layout

·       planning clipping masks

·       creating the clipping masks

·       approaches you can take in your creative work

This is a great course for you to take no matter what use your final art has. Discover a fun new addition to your skillset. It may have you revisiting old artwork, like I did, just for the fun of adding this new technique.

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